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Mission Statement:   Creating wonderful childhood memories in a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment is our primary goal.  Dr. Evie's Child Care Center is dedicated to providing exceptional child care for 6 week to 12 year olds at economical cost to families.
     Children in our care will
               *  build a strong, positive self image
               *  master communications skills including
                         negotiation, expression, listening, 
                         and creativity
               *  increase coordination and agility
               *  grasp scientific and numerical aspects
                          of education and the world
               *  build lifetime literacy skills
               *  become aware of healthy choices in
                          food, activity, and lifestyle
               *  explore positive peer and adult
                          interaction strategies
               *  learn why respect for self, others,
                          property, and the environment

All of our teachers are college educated and devoted to positive growth experiences for children.

To inquire about the waiting list,
                    text 240-426-7074 or
                    email eviecenter@dr.com

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